People often ask me, “Hey – that dog of yours – what is it?” or “Do all three of those animals always sit on that chair with you?” or even “Do you have pictures of anything other than your pets?” The answers are 1) hard to say, he looked like a poodle but I’m pretty sure he was a muppet crossed with a lamb; 2) Yes; 3) Don’t be ridiculous. I take pictures of other people’s pets, too.

I’ve been a zoophilist all my life, continually developing my skills as an exceptional pet-petter and self-proclaimed animal whisperer. In photos of me as a child meeting any animal, I have the same excited expression on my face and both hands extended in hopes of hugging them (that really hasn’t changed much). I’m happier when I’m with or around animals, and giddy when I discover I’m heading to a place where I’ll get to interact with them. I shared many years with a wonderful partner and fellow zoophilist. We had amazing animals, including a special “dog” named Scooter. I currently share my home with three fabulous felines: Princess Peppercorn, Mr. Weasley, and Marge McGillikitty.