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You: Thanks, but I really need a specialist. 
Me: That’s certainly possible. But have you considered the value you might get from working with a talented generalist? 
I’ve actually found possessing a broad set of skills to be extremely advantageous. Countless times I’ve been hired for one thing only to quickly transition to a much bigger role. Examples include moving from content creator to project manager, editor to website programmer, marketing support to operations manager, assistant to executive director, coordinator to production manager, volunteer to content creator and event manager. And in most cases, viewing a task through multiple lenses invariably improves the outcome.
Background and Experience:
  • Budgeting/Resource Management – My work in theatre, film, for-profit agencies, and nonprofit organizations has involved managing everything from petty cash to project budgets up to $1 million. [I have a theory based on my experience as a nonprofit Executive Director: Executive Directors have to (should always be able to) account for every penny and how it gets allocated because they are serving as stewards of public money. How, then, is it possible for any government agency to respond to budget inquiries with “we don’t know where that money went?” Seems absurd to me. Bring in a nonprofit ED — they’ll find that money. But I digress.] Some of my experience in budget/resource management include:
      • finding support articles or documentation about a particular subject and providing highlights/summaries/recommendations
      • developing/managing organizational, event, program, project budgets
      • reporting on fund allocation/expenses
      • final project reporting
  • Content Creation/Copywriting – I can create it or translate a concept that’s in your head into sharable content. I’ve worked on, or helped develop:
      • marketing copy/collateral
      • new product/program descriptions
      • operation manuals/handbooks
      • scripts and screenplays (live theatre and filmed projects)
      • business plans/proposals
      • boilerplate grant content
      • blog posts
      • personal and corporate histories, like this one–
  • Creative Solutions – I can help entrepreneurs with vision find the creative solutions they need through:
      • brainstorming
      • action plans
      • goal accountability
  • Customer Service/Reputation Management – It’s very difficult for CEOs and upper management to get a true sense of the customer experience. As a consumer, I pay close attention to all aspects of product quality and customer service. My experience of a company – and this includes every online, brick and mortar, and nonprofit organization I interact with – is based on each aspect of my interaction from initial contact by phone or web, to the quality of the product or service, to any follow-up I receive. Like most people, when given a choice I’m always going to patronize the company with whom I have the best overall experience.
      • assessments – one-time or periodic analysis of product or service from the customer’s perspective
      • recommendations – incorporating customer experience assessment, researched recommendations specific to your industry designed to improve how customers view your product or service that can be used for employee training and/or to inform marketing strategy
  • Program/Event Production – With years of study and professional experience in the arts, I’ve written, produced, cast, & directed live theatre and filmed projects, created and produced educational programs, business conferences, retreats, meetings, parties, fundraisers, and galas. While productions range in scope, all event planning relies on skills in the following areas:
      • communicating with team/vendors
      • meeting facilitation
      • coordinating detailed planning calendar and managing progress
      • negotiating prices/terms
      • cast/crew/volunteer management
      • budget management
      • film production, like this one–
  • Project Management – Leading a project from conception through completion means carefully managing all necessary elements and contributors. I’ve managed projects in the following areas:
      • website development
      • online advertising/business development
      • conference tabling/presentations
      • book layout & self-publishing
      • product development
  • Researching – I love learning and finding the answers necessary to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Every project requires some level of research, however, there are many occasions where an entrepreneur or CEO could use help securing additional information and just don’t have the time to sort through it all. I’ve done lots of research, from hiring an “animal wrangler” to transport a penguin from Texas to an Alaskan glacier for a car commercial to learning how to place and price products using WooCommerce. Some other examples of projects I’ve completed:
      • finding support articles or documentation about a particular subject and providing highlights/summaries/recommendations
      • identifying and interviewing/assessing a list of potential candidates or vendors and providing recommendations
      • researching and analyzing products to find the best quality at the best value
  • Resource Acquisition – As a producer, I have a particular penchant for the process of vetting – this includes identifying the right product for a specific purpose, casting the best actor for a specific part, and interviewing candidates to find the person best suited for a specific job. In each case, there is an art to developing the tools and the process that will ultimately lead to securing the perfect fit.
      • product or service analysis
      • casting for film or theatre
      • personnel recruitment
  • Website Design/Refresh – I enjoy working with clients who want to improve their online presence, whether it’s a new or updated website, added content, a rebrand, or improved functionality.
      • assessing needs and desires, and prioritizing based on budget
      • creating/managing the project from beginning to end, incorporating talents of other technical and design professionals as needed
      • SEO
      • development/testing/launching

I’ve completed hundreds of projects for a variety of clients ranging from small, one-day jobs to long-term contracts. Read some of their comments here. Get in touch and let’s talk about your project.

* On-site availability varies depending on project & location