Nurturing Creativity

Exercising skills found to support creativity helps children become independent, resilient, critical and creative thinkers. It all starts by giving children a variety of opportunities that allow them explore the world and express themselves.

Kids need to interact with interested adults who encourage their imagination and support their curiosity.

I once lived next door to a family with an inquisitive, friendly 7-year-old. Whenever I was outside, she’d come over and visit. We’d play with my dog and make up stories together. I challenged her to dream up ideas and encouraged her wonderful imagination. I moved away and a year or so later I got a Facebook message from her mom. It was a picture of her daughter’s first book. There in the dedication, right after her family and her teacher, was my name. I was so touched to know that our time together was as special to her as it was to me.

My experience with STEM programming, writing and producing children’s theatre, and coaching talented young artists led to the development of Creativity HQ. I strongly believe children need the opportunity to engage in and explore different forms of creative expression, including visual and performance art and literature. That foundation gives them the freedom to imagine and innovate. We need creative thinkers, and I’m excited to do all I can to continue encouraging artistic awareness, appreciation, and expression.

Whether it’s arts, sciences, sports, or clubs, kids benefit socially, emotionally, and academically from out of school time programs.  

March to the beat of your own drum...that you made yourself!
Fun with gyroscopes
Rocking it in acting class

My daughter auditioned for her very first play in middle school and was cast! I know you played a big part in this, so I just wanted to let you know that the seeds you planted are sprouting 🙂
–Stacy S., mom of former acting class student

Thank you for the wonderful experiences! Creativity HQ has helped my son explore and appreciate music, theater, writing and expressing himself. I am pleased and happy with the effect her approach to creative education has on my son. She is a very sweet, dedicated and talented instructor.
–Melody C, Google Review

Your classes have been the perfect fit for Cora. She is excited about learning acting and is able to experience the joy of it without consuming our lives with overwhelming rehearsals, attitudes, etc. Thank you for giving her this wonderful opportunity. I’d love for Cora to have the opportunity to continue learning with you. –Kathy L., mom of acting class student