Project-based Consulting / Virtual Assistance

I’ve spent the past decade providing project-based solutions to for-profit and nonprofit businesses, and many years developing the skills to do so. Unless the work requires onsite support, the majority of my work is performed virtually.

Many projects can be effectively addressed on a contract basis if you find the right people with the appropriate skills and experience. This option offers CEO’s a short-term solution, usually at a much lower cost. My professional career has afforded me the opportunity to build a remarkably diverse skill set. I’m a unique combination of creative and analytical – I love numbers, words, and images, and I’m equally comfortable talking technically and aesthetically. No one person is an expert at everything so I’ve established strong relationships with talented people who possess complementary skills. We partner as necessary to form a project dream team so that together we can effectively handle a broader range of projects.

I love working with people and engaging in collaborative problem-solving. Because all correspondence is strictly confidential, I like to think of myself as a kind of consigliera. Leaders often benefit from having someone outside the “family” they can trust with details about internal operations, staff issues, and leadership challenges, giving them an opportunity to openly discuss solutions without concern for over-sharing, toe-stepping, or power struggles.

I’ve completed hundreds of assignments for a variety of clients ranging from small, one-day projects to long-term, multi-year contracts.

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