Coaching and Consulting


I love working with people and engaging in collaborative problem-solving. I offer individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs access to a well-rounded professional, a trusted outsider who understands the challenges they face, and can lend a fresh, creative perspective. Openly discussing details about internal operations, staff and leadership issues, and talking through solutions without concern for toe-stepping or power struggles gives you the freedom you need to honestly assess and think through plans strategically. 

My Approach

I am a creative thinker, synthesizer, and integrator.

I filter information through a uniquely balanced creative and analytic lens and approach each engagement using this ABC method that helps guide my process and deliver consistent quality results:

>>Articulate: I take the ideas floating around in your head and translate them into words on a page

>>Brainstorm: Once we agree the concepts that were once ephemeral or ambiguous have been adequately clarified, we’ll brainstorm how you’ll get where you want to go by defining goals, objectives, and action items

>>Create: Now that we’ve put structure around your goal(s), we’ll develop a detailed roadmap that allows for measurable progress and concrete results

I am a strategic thinker who helps entrepreneurs and organizational leaders assess challenges and apply creative solutions. Clients are concerned that critical roadblocks will prevent them from achieving their goals. I deliver concrete solutions and actionable steps that align with their objectives and available resources to increase clarity and strengthen their foundation, inspiring peace of mind and a renewed passion for a brighter, more attainable future.

How do you determine the content or scope of a project?

1. We’ll discuss your needs during a free phone consultation. 

2. If I feel I am a good fit for the project and you’d like to consider my services I will email a proposal for your consideration. The proposal includes details about expectations, fees, timelines, and milestones, as applicable. 

3. Once you’ve reviewed and accepted the proposal, expect regular communication and updates throughout the project. 

My standards for work performance are high and delivering excellent work is the only option.

Email me about your project needs and I’ll follow up
with you to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

Why People Work With Me

“Shari’s methods for helping me troubleshoot my productivity problems and implement solutions are extremely effective. She listens, asks probing questions, and identifies the areas where I can make immediate and long-term changes. With her wealth of knowledge and resources, she gives me practical tools for organizing my time that have brought amazing results. After so many unproductive months, my mood and self-esteem had taken a hit, but Shari’s interventions helped me get back my confidence. I once again feel capable of achieving my goals.”
–Chaitali S., novelist/author

“Shari came to our organization as the Interim Executive Director in the midst of many internal organizational changes.  She brought groundedness and focus, along with an ability to work hard and bring people together.  She was attentive to detail to be sure that no important deadline was missed, and she excelled at holding the organization’s vision to ensure that staff and student needs were met.  From the beginning of her Interim tenure, Shari was able to assess the organizational culture, interact sensitively and gracefully, and be successful.  Having her at the helm in these past few months has allowed the Board and staff to continue our focus on the organization’s mission.  She has been a joy and an inspiration to work with.”
–Jillean J., Board President, Echo Theater Co.
“…in a relatively short time, she miraculously began to turn the organization around… I doubt any MBA programs prepare their graduates to address the range of problems that Shari was able to resolve…I honestly cannot say enough good things about Ms. Getz…”
–John C., TAME Board Member, Lubbock, TX

“…I had the pleasure of partnering with Shari for more than 6 years when she was the Executive Director of the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME). Shari is wicked smart and a true pleasure to work with. Her evidenced leadership spanned across the state and beyond, with gained trust and respect from board and committee members; strategic partners. Shari enabled creativity within our partnership and opportunities to enlist IBM board members, contributing to the bigger mission of the work of TAME. Her collaborative spirit and dedication to successful outcomes is infectious. Shari’s portfolio is an exemplification of her professional accomplishments and creativity. Shari is a delight to know, keeps you laughing and is steadfast and tenacious in all that she pursues. Shari is the leader you can count on with transparency of understanding and a “let’s do it” attitude! I highly recommend Shari as she would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”
Beth T, IBM Community Relations Mgr


“Shari is an incredibly talented writer, researcher, interviewer, event planner and creative maven. I was lucky enough to work with Shari on All Classical Portland’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, for which Shari researched and wrote a 30-year history of the radio station, produced print and video collateral, and planned a massive gala. Shari is a true professional and an asset to any organization that hires her. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with her…”
–Andrea R., All Classical Portland

“We had the privilege to bring Shari on board as a consultant to provide an objective management consultation of the path forward for our organization. Her proficiency in navigating the organization, her belief in our mission and her commitment to our success was a catalyst in reinspiring us in very needed ways. In a few very well-tailored and concise interviews along with a review of our most critical documents — Shari was able to provide a recommendation and tactical next steps that were spot on. Her recommendation was reviewed by the entire board and directly contributed to one of the most constructive board meetings we’ve ever had. I recommend not only bringing Shari on board for the work she delivers, but more importantly for her personality, optimism and graceful capacity for navigating an organizational dynamic with the right energy needed to help reveal the most critical needs. I have intimate experience working with top tier management consulting organizations, and I can objectively say, that Shari provides top-caliber services.”
–Kareem A., Board Chair, Crossing Party Lines


“[Shari] is one of the most talented persons that I have ever met…“can do” attitude…[ability to] accomplish any assignment given…to do the job right the first time…leadership qualities way beyond what is required…phenomenal to say the least.”
–Steve D., TAME Board Chair, Fort Worth, TX

Services & Skills

I provide one-on-one coaching and project-based consulting. I’ve completed projects as a producer, artist, teacher, administrative leader, project and production manager. I’ve found possessing a broad skill set extremely advantageous. Countless times I’ve been hired for one job or assignment that evolved into a bigger or expanded role. Examples include moving from content creator to project manager, editor to website programmer, marketing support to operations manager, assistant to executive director, coordinator to production manager, volunteer to content creator and event manager. In all cases, viewing a task through multiple lenses invariably improves the outcome. Considering coaching? Book a free 20-minute consultation and let’s talk! 

In addition to short-term coaching and consulting projects, I’m experienced in a variety of areas related to producing and project management. Examples include:

My work in theatre, film, for-profit agencies, and nonprofit organizations has involved managing everything from petty cash to project budgets up to $1 million. [I have a theory based on my experience as a nonprofit Executive Director: Executive Directors have to (should always be able to) account for every penny and how it gets allocated because they are serving as stewards of public money. How, then, is it possible for any government agency to respond to budget inquiries with “we don’t know where that money went?” Seems absurd to me. Bring in a nonprofit ED — they’ll find that money. But I digress.] Some of my experience in budget/resource management include:

  • finding support articles or documentation about a particular subject and providing highlights/summaries/recommendations
  • developing/managing organizational, event, program, project budgets
  • reporting on fund allocation/expenses
  • final project reporting

I can create it or translate a concept that’s in your head into sharable content. I’ve worked on, or helped develop:

  • marketing copy/collateral
  • new product/program descriptions
  • operation manuals/handbooks
  • scripts and screenplays (live theatre and filmed projects)
  • business plans/proposals
  • boilerplate grant content
  • blog posts
  • personal and corporate histories, like this one

With years of study and professional experience in the arts, I’ve written, produced, cast, & directed live theatre and filmed projects, created and produced educational programs, business conferences, retreats, meetings, parties, fundraisers, and galas. While productions range in scope, all event planning relies on skills in the following areas:

  • communicating with team/vendors
  • meeting facilitation
  • coordinating detailed planning calendar and managing progress
  • negotiating prices/terms
  • cast/crew/volunteer management
  • budget management
  • film production

Leading a project from conception through completion means carefully managing all necessary elements and contributors. I’ve managed projects in the following areas:

  • website development/improving online presence
  • online advertising/business development
  • conference tabling/presentations
  • book layout & self-publishing
  • product development

As a producer, I have a particular penchant for the process of vetting – this includes identifying the right product for a specific purpose, casting the best actor for a specific part, and interviewing candidates to find the person best suited for a specific job. In each case, there is an art to developing the tools and the process that will ultimately lead to securing the perfect fit.

  • product or service analysis
  • casting for film or theatre
  • personnel recruitment