Okay, file me under “how-did-I-not-already-know-this” but I’ve just learned the trick to opening pistachios. You know how annoying they can be. Not all of them. Some are perfect, well-behaved morsels of yumminess. No, not those. Just the little, close-lipped suckers that tease and taunt you, as if to say “go ahead – try to pry me apart. I’ll rip your fingers to shreds!” Well, not anymore. Not since I learned the trick. Did you already know? If you didn’t, it…will…rock…your…world. Here it is. You take one of your discarded halves and USE IT LIKE A KEY!  Just ease it in the tiny crack of a stubborn nut and twist.  Chances are you’re staring at a piece of previously unattainable fruit. Sure, this isn’t a cure for cancer. But if you’re like me and derive pleasure from small victories, join me in my crusade to end unnecessary pistachio waste! Oh, incidentally – this will not work for the crack-less variety. I think the only tool that works for those is a hammer. Peace to my pistachio-loving brethren.

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